Phoenix IV

Phoenix (IV)

by Bänoo Zan

With locks of fire
and eyes of ice,

uttering eloquent silence,

disrobing me
of my habit,

put a dagger
in my hands.

With lips labouring in love
and heart beating hate,

wrinkles young as yesterday
beauty old as news
and charisma alluring as pain–

stopping me–
out of the three–
with euphoric wisdom,

put hemlock
in my hands.

With a face of stone
and hands of water,

her womb blossoming
and her breasts flowing,

her body aroused
and her spirit asleep,

put Death
in my hands.

With a dagger in his heart
and hemlock on his lips,

philosophy in his groin
and passion in his brain,

silencing eloquent speech
with celestial song,

put Life
in my hands.