by Amatoritsero Ede

this hung morning
the immobile weser
is sluggish with memories
of dead water
on the niger river delta
in nigeria

after shell shat shocked
oil impurities into it

till choked full of poisoned fish and algae
the creek reeks of dead fish and people

like the ogoni nine

a hung boat nation unable to swim
pollution and politics

and thus was strung short
and hung from killer nooses

the vertical nine were long dead
long before the long drop

by the life-stained hands
of abacha’s henchmen hangmen hitlerites

nine necks cracked
life’s spine popped

nine lives shelled
the niger delta
shell-shocked into haunted silence

stifled wailing along waterways
and among mangrove swamp and fauna

muffled wailing
unlike the silence on the weser

a portentous silence
the quiet of still graves
sunk real deep